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5 / 5 Excellent

AndrewJuly 2022

Fantastic experience. Late check out offered immediately. Fantastic staff. Good value. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend/stay again.

5 / 5 Excellent

PamelaJuly 2022

Great place. Lots of parking. Clean and front desk greeted right away as I lined up. No king bed available so I got two queens. No bathtub however great shower. Full kitchen! Very impressive. Lots of closet storage. Definitely will return.

5 / 5 Excellent

AnnaJuly 2022

I loved the jacuzzi. That was the best part!

5 / 5 Excellent

AlexJune 2022

The entire process in a quality hotel was easy!

4.9 / 5 Excellent

LaurelJune 2022

So glad I found this website to book the room we used for our 7 hour layover. Provided a great option to relax after a 9 hour flight, I was able to take a nap and have a shower. Will use for future trips.

4.8 / 5 Excellent

ChristineJune 2022

Tried your pool for 1st time, loved it. Fast check-in great front desk services. Rooms are nice and comfortable.

5 / 5 Excellent

WilliamJune 2022

A day use room was the perfect solution to our travel schedule. Thanks so much for this option.

4.1 / 5 Excellent

DeborahJune 2022

Good downtown location. Reservation all went very smoothly. Swift check in. Spacious clean room. Quite pricey for a day but worth it for our purposes. Only disappointing element was the pool and pool area, slightly utilitarian.

5 / 5 Excellent

MorganJune 2022

Quiet but convenient location, loved the clean but retro vibe rooms, VERY friendly and helpful front desk staff. I will be back!

4.9 / 5 Excellent

TimothyJune 2022

Was coming off a cruise. I had never used dayuse before and was honestly pretty skeptical. I booked it on dayuse, then called the hotel in the morning to confirm, and they already had everything squared away. They were kind enough to have a room ready for me by 9 AM and let me pay extra to extend my stay until 8 PM for our red eye flight at midnight. The hotel itself was busy but great! Got a good rest, nice shower and workout. Great location from which to explore Vancouver.

5 / 5 Excellent

IsabelleJune 2022

Perfect before our evening flight.

4.9 / 5 Excellent

ChristineJune 2022

First time here, room was lovely.. Thank you for your exceptional front desk service. Will be returning soon.

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Book a getaway you will never forget in a hotel that's only a stone's throw away from home. 3000 users have already left their reviews on Trustpilot. Will you be the next one?