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Published on | 24/09/2017 I Direct link

By Rose Huet

Rome2Rio || Travel Connections


Hands down, Rome2Rio is the best and easiest app to use for figuring out how to navigate from destination to destination. You can plug in any starting city and end destination and the app will generate a list of all the ways you get from where you are to where you need to go, either by land, air, or sea. The app will also give you the travel times for each option and the prices of each so you can budget as need be.


Guides By Lonely Planet || Sightseeing



Packed with cultural history and intriguing travel suggestions from on-the-ground sources within each city, Guides by Lonely Planet is our top pick for travel itinerary planning. Scrolling through each city you visit while in the app, you get to view the top places to go, the history of certain monuments and architecture, the best restaurants and nightlife in the city, and much more. You can also bookmark places and activities you want to do at a later date, and use offline maps to get around, saving your wallet from being gouged by international data roaming charges.



Dayuse || Short Term Hotel Stays



Dayuse specializes in daytime bookings in hotels-usually between 2-4 hours-for guests that would like to enjoy the amenities and comfort of a hotel room but for a shorter time and for a fraction of the price. This app is perfect if you have a longer layover and craving a hot shower and maybe even a quick nap before your next connecting long-haul flight. Bookings can sometimes be as cheap as 75% off the regular room price, so it makes a much more comfortable and cost-effective option for hotel bookings.



Cool Cousin || Off-the-Beaten-Path Recommendations From Locals


This app is similar to Sidekix in that you get curated travel recommendations, however, Cool Cousin takes it one step further and connects with people who share the same affection for the more original and experiential side of travelling. You can team up with a local (your new ‘cousin’) and they’ll take you through their city, showing you all the coolest spots to go for whatever interests you may have.



Sidekix || More Curated Commutes



Sidekix is certainly gaining popularity with the trend-conscious traveler, offering curated city guides and recommendations based on famous bloggers’ and cool-hunters’ discoveries. Instead of a major coffee shop chain, you can choose from a list of small specialty shops to get your caffeine fix. The beauty of this app is that you can plugin in your personal interests and then have it pop up with notifications when those things are close-by or in your area.



Streetography || Visual Exploration


While Google and other recommendation apps offer helpful information for any traveller, the most exciting thing about Streetography is that you can search through user-generated, place-based photography before you actually visit a place. Maps are laid out and sectioned off as per state lines and borders, however inside each area or country are stacks of images on the highlights and interesting things in the area allowing you a deeper look into the local neighbourhood of a place and what makes it special.



SkyHi || Last Minute Flight Deals


SkyHi‘s unique service allows you to pay a small monthly fee in exchange for being able to scan flights to claim last-minute seat deals in your surrounding travel radius. The app helps you get from point A to point B on a one-way flight faster and without the headache of potential missed flight connections or travel delays due to overbooking.



Hitlist || Trip Deals For Specific Needs


Hitlist allows you to travel more often for less money. It’s a great app for those looking for a trip deals that suit their time, travel budget, and destination preferences. First, you choose where you want to go, and Hitlist sends you the best deals by way of price alerts and competing airlines with similar price points to compare the best (and cheapest) times to venture to your desired destination.